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Napa Valley Band Reserve


Event Date

Napa Band Review at American Canyon High School (Last Marching Competition for 2023)

Napa Valley Band Reserve is held at American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Drive, American Canyon CA.

(Note: Complimentary Parade Spectator Parking on the ACHS Campus opens at 7:30 am, accessible from the Via Firenze intersection off American Canyon Rd and is available on first come first served basis)

For more information about Maps and Parade routes etc, visit

Truck loading starts on Friday Nov 10 at 3:00pm. Instruments and equipment needed during the football game will be added on Friday evening. 

Saturday morning: Call time is 6:30am, busses will depart by 7:00am. Return to Granada is approximately 12:30pm.

Pack snacks, water, and lunch; come dressed in white shirt, close fitting black shorts and black socks that cover the ankle/ lower calf. Bring music shirt to wear after marching. Upon returning to GHS, students will not be dismissed until busses are cleaned up and the equipment truck is unloaded. The detailed itinerary is posted on Schoology.

We need parent volunteers! Sign up for the following roles HERE

  • Chaperones – There are a limited number of seats for chaperones to ride the bus with students to/from Napa Valley. Chaperones ensure that everyone is accounted for prior to departure and that students are following school rules in transit. Chaperones also walk the parade route with the band, assisting with uniforms or water bottles as needed. A first aid kit and chaperone bag are available on each bus.

  • Uniform & Hair Helpers – Assist with pinning up students’ hair and making sure uniforms are worn properly. Inspect uniforms prior to lining up for competition; ensure that everything is hung up and put away properly afterwards.

  • Hydrators – Walk the parade route with the band, providing students with water as needed

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