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Color Guard & Winter Guard



Purpose and Goals


The purpose of the Granada High School Color Guard is to serve as a performing unit of the Granada High School Matador Marching Band, and to represent Granada as a competing members of the Northern California Band Association and The California Band Association and The California Color Guard Circuit in Winter Guard Performances.  They are sponsored by the Granada High School Band and Granada High School Music Parents.  The Color Guard participates at parade competitions, winter guard competitions, and community activities.  The goal of the Granada HS. Color Guard is to provide an educational program in the development of choreography, equipment handling skills, marching skills, team unity, team leadership, and school personal pride.


The Color Guard Team is governed by a board consisting of the band director, the instructor(s) and the captain.  Our team of instructors include some outstanding performers and teachers including Head Instructor Jhay Delos-Reyes, 4 year member of the 2 time World Champion with Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard, Jennifer Chin, 2 year members of the Blue Devils Open and 4 year member of the San Jose Raiders World Guard, and Michael Barrientez, a former Logan World and Santa Clara Vanguard member.

The team itself is comprised of members in grades 9 - 12, and is selected by audition / tryout.  Membership in Color Guard is open to any non-musician student.  Band students may audition with the permission of the band director only if there is a compelling reason the student cannot play his or her instrument in the band.  The instructors will develop routines for parades, Winter Guard, and any other special events that arise.  They will select and/or prepare acceptable and appropriate music, choose equipment and uniforms for each type of performance.  The instructor will also conduct organized rehearsals.  The director and the instructors will have final decision on all routines and changes in any routine.  They will also have final say on the selection of new members, by audition, for the following years teams, and final selection of captains by audition.  The director will also solve any disputes and disruptive behavior.

Being a member of Granada High Winter Guard involves a commitment.  The Team depends on its members to attend all rehearsals and performances on time and with proper attire and equipment, and to behave and accept instruction from all instructors in a courteous and professional manner.  The core goal of this team is to promote unity, respect, school and personal pride.  

If you or your parents have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact Director George Pascoe.


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