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What is L-Pattern?

That is a common question people have when they hear the term. Put simply L-Pattern, or an "L" Pattern is a solo routine that is put together by a drum major in order to demonstrate to an adjudicator their marching and baton spinning ability. The routine is marched in the shape of an "L" giving it the name L-Pattern.


The GHS L-Pattern program trains people compete in these competitions against other solo drum majors from other schools, creating routines that consist of spinning a baton to music. The program is also good training for any prospective drum majors for the marching band.

The GHS L-Pattern program is a prestigious program, historically scoring very high with some of the highest placing drum majors in the NCBA Winter Military L-Pattern. GHS L-Pattern is home to the highest scoring Military Drum Major score of all time in NCBA.

Here are some videos from GHS students:





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