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Granada Music Parents


The Granada Music Parents is an organization of parent volunteers, created by parents as a non-profit group, dedicated to the support of all band, color guard, orchestra and jazz students at Granada High School. Although the organization operates specifically for the support of the Granada Instrumental Music Program, the group chooses to affiliate itself directly with Granada High School and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and therefore is bound by all rules and policies set forth regarding 'parent volunteers'.


The Music Parents Organization is governed by an elected board of five officers and the Music Director, plus committee chairpersons who serve at the discretion of the board and the Music Director. General membership meetings are held monthly and are open to all music parents. Board meetings are held as needed and are called by the President or the Music Director. A schedule of general membership meetings is included on the activities calendar.


The Music Parents Organization’s primary function is to raise additional funds for the operation of the Granada Music Program. The School District, although very supportive, is unable to supply all of the needed funds for transportation and maintenance of the program including instrument inventory, uniforms and equipment. Music Parents also coordinate transportation of students and equipment to performances, assist in the care and maintenance of uniforms and equipment, provide an informational website, and support the logistics of all activities of the band, color guard, jazz band and orchestra.


All parents of, and volunteers on behalf of, Granada band and orchestra students are members of the Granada Music Parents Organization. A level of involvement is needed by all members for the group to meet its goals. Our intention is not to disrupt the busy schedules of families and their student’s, however, we do ask that all members get involved in some activities throughout the school year. Most of all, we ask that all members support their students in their music experience. 


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Granada Music Parents

Board Positions


  • The President shall preside at all general meetings and meetings of the Executive Board of the The President will be a member of all committees, and shall appoint necessary committee chairpersons and may, with the treasurer, sign checks.


  • The Vice President shall act as an aid to the President and in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the president.  They may with the treasurer sign checks.


  • The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the general meetings and meetings of the Executive Board, shall handle whatever correspondence is needed, with the President notify the membership of the general meetings, and may with the Treasurer, sign checks.


  • The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of the financial status of the organization, shall receive all monies, and shall deposits same monies in the music department account approved by the Executive board.  The Treasurer, President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary shall all sign checks. 


  • The Web Master shall keep the Granada Music Parents web page current with the information provided by the Music Parents President and other members of the Executive Board or the Music Director.


  • The Uniform Manager shall work in Conjunction with the students and other parent volunteers to maintain the music department uniforms in an organized manner, determine when uniforms need to be cleaned or mended, and determine if additional uniforms are needed.


  • The Supporter’s Liaison shall act as the Granada Music Parents representative at the Granada Supporter’s Meetings.


  • The Volunteer Coordinator shall collect information for volunteers of various activities throughout the school year. This information may be provided by the President or other Executive Board Members.


  • The Fundraising Coordinator shall formulate committees to assist her in acquiring sponsorships, grants, program wide fundraising and donations.



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