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AUG 14 - AUG 18

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Music Camp is for all students enrolled in a music ensemble class at Granada High School.  This includes Band, Orchestra, Guard, Drumline, Jazz band, and Choir.  

Music Camp is a head start to the year for us in a variety of ways, including making sure students have a support network when school begins, teach/review fundamentals of music making and movement, and get students introduced to the program.  As it is the week before school, this is not a mandatory camp, but students are strongly encourage to attend. 


For Parents: There is a Music Parents Fall kickoff on Tuesday, August 15.  Rookie parents will start at 6pm and veteran parents will join at 6:30pm.  We plan to meet until 8pm.  This is intended to make the goals clear for the year and answer any questions anyone may have.  It is also a great opportunity to meet fellow music parents across all of the programs.  


For Students:

  • All students should come to camp with athletic shoes, hat, sunscreen, water, and clothing that allows free movement.

  • Be on time and ready to start by 8:30 each morning.

  • Dismissal times and add-on rehearsals vary by ensemble; see Mr. Pascoe's email for details. 

  • Students can leave camp to participate during their scheduled time for Matador Days.

  • Orchestra will meet from 8:30am - 12pm on each day of the week

  • Marching Band will meet 8:30am - 3pm with a break for lunch noon - 1pm

  • City of Livermore Color Guard will be with the band each morning 8:30 - 12pm. Please check with Guard Coach for additional rehearsal time.

  • Choir is NOT participating in music camp this year. Choir has a new teacher, Liv Wang, who is completing her orientation next week. Students will meet her on the first day of school. 

  • Jazz 1, please check with Mr. Pascoe. Jazz 2 is welcome to participate in the mornings at camp, but will not start music until the following week.

  • Drumline will meet 3pm - 5pm. This is free to all students- not just drummers in the Band.

Spirit Days during Music Camp:

  • Monday - "Music Merch" day, come wearing your favorite music clothes, from artists' tour tees to music memes. 

  • Tuesday - Color groups.

  • Wednesday - Disney day.

  • Thursday - Twins.

  •  Friday - School Spirit.

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