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Basketball Pep Band



New Pep Band for Boys and Girls Basketball

Basketball Pep Band

Basketball Pep Band is being led by Mr. Wolfe.

Basketball Pep Band Parents!!! Granada has a new pep band supporting basketball (Boys and Girls) this year. This is a new pep ensemble (think jazz style) that will play into a deeper playlist and will have more feature length music. For practice and game schedule, please check Calendar.

If you have a musician who has signed up:

  • Our first practice was on Nov 8th at 3pm in the Jazz Room.

  • Some of the music is familiar but some has been rearranged and is more complex.

  • At our first practice: We covered the weekly practice schedule (We have a lot of new music to learn), the schedule of events we intend to play and a few other blocking and tackling items. 

  • Your student does NOT need to be enrolled in music next tri to participate. This is a great way to get additional playing time while having a ton of fun and supporting our Granada Boys and Girls Sports! 

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